Water & Waste Water Engineering

This comprehensive program includes different modules like basic fundamentals and concepts of Design, Construction, Installation, Commissioning and Trouble shooting of drinking water, sewage and effluent treatment plants
  • Competent Trainer with more than 25+ years’ experience from Engineering Field
  • Acquire the knowledge of Advance technologies used currently
  • Enhance the knowledge of Current engineering practices used
Water & Wastewater Engineering training program provides a comprehensive understanding of water and wastewater systems, sustainable water management practices, compliance with regulations, design and optimization of treatment processes, infrastructure planning and management skills, enhanced career prospects, and the ability to address global water challenges. These benefits make it a valuable training program for individuals interested in making a positive impact in the field of water and wastewater engineering.

Fresh/ Experienced - Diploma/Degree In any Engineering discipline & B.Sc Graduate.

  • Introduction to:
  1. Water physic-chemical properties
  2. Bacterial quality analysis of water
  • Water Treatment Systems
  1. Physico Chemical treatments: Sedimentation, Grit Removal, Settling Tanks,
  2. Disinfection Systems: Chemicals, UV, Ozonation
  3. Resin based technologies: Softener and DM Plants
  4. Reverse Osmosis Technologies, Ultra Filtration, operations and maintenance of treatment plant, Trouble shooting, Standard: US FDA / USEPA
  • Brief introduction of:
  1. Review of Fluid Dynamics
  2. Pumps, Piping, Metallurgy, Instrumentation
  3. Review Unit Operations
  • Process Engineering Drawings
  1. Layout, Hydraulic Profile, Process & Instrumentation Diagram
  • Fluid Mechanics
  1. Flow Measurement
  • Industrial waste water treatment system
  1. Physico-chemical treatments
  2. Biological treatments: aerobic & anaerobic treatments.
  3. Trouble shooting, Standards
  4. Tertiary treatment: Filtration, activated carbon system, resin based system.
  5. Membrane base technology: Reverse osmosis process, ultra filtration technology
  • Operation and Maintenance of treatment plant, trouble shooting
  • Brief introduction to:
  1. Disposal Standards, Statutory Organizations: PCB and their role, Environmental Laws
  • Operation and Maintenance of treatment plant, trouble shooting
  • Domestic Wastewater Treatment (STP)
  1. Municipal and big STP
  2. Package plants for small populations
  3. Operations and maintenance of treatment plants, trouble shooting
  • To understand the fundamentals of various treatment system design
  • To understand the applications of various treatment principles and concepts through assignments
  • To evaluate a scenario requiring water or wastewater treatment & draw an appropriate process flow schemes of the plants being evaluated

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What is water and wastewater engineering?

Water and wastewater engineering involves the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of water supply and wastewater treatment systems. It encompasses various aspects such as water resource management, water treatment, distribution systems, wastewater collection, and treatment.

What is the placement scenario for water and waste water engineers?
The placement scenario for water and wastewater engineers is generally positive. As the demand for clean water and effective wastewater management continues to grow, there is a need for professionals who can design and implement sustainable water and wastewater Infrastructure.
What types of companies hire water and waste water engineers?

Water and wastewater engineers can find employment opportunities in various sectors, including:

Water utilities:
Public and private water utilities responsible for providing safe drinking water to communities often hire water and wastewater engineers for system planning, design, and operations.

Environmental engineering firms: Firms specializing in environmental consulting and engineering hire water and wastewater engineers to work on projects related to water treatment, wastewater management, and environmental impact assessment.

Municipal governments: Local government bodies hire water and wastewater engineers to manage and maintain water supply systems, wastewater treatment plants, and stormwater management.

Industrial and manufacturing companies: Industries that require water for their operations, such as power plants, chemical manufacturing, and food processing, employ water and wastewater engineers to design and manage their water treatment and wastewater treatment systems.

Consulting firms: Engineering consulting firms often have specialized water and wastewater engineering departments to support clients projects and provide expertise in water-related infrastructure.

Are there opportunities for career growth in water and wastewater engineering?
Yes, there are Opportunities for career growth in water and wastewater engineering. With experience, additional certifications, and continuous professional development, water and wastewater engineers can progress to roles such as senior engineers