From the Managing Director’s Desk

We are at a crossroads where technology has redefined the way we provide solutions, impacting skill sets and the knowledge required. Technological advancements have changed expectations from the personnel employed by the industry. We realize the criticality of shaping the personnel in a manner that fits present and future requirements of the industry.


Therefore, our prime focus has been to evolve our training programs and methods to create employable manpower in the field of engineering.

The present engineering world
  • The dynamism of the economic activity in the Asia-Pacific region is impressive and has revealed that the industrial sector needs to adopt a structure that considers higher production cost and changing conditions in the world market.
  • New projects are initiated and existing units are modified based on new technologies.
  • The industry needs skilled manpower to work in this changing environment.
Our roadmap

Suvidya Institute of Technology believes in creating a workforce that is equipped with presently needed skills and can adapt to the changing environment.

Continuous learning and the ability to adapt are two skills most required by the industry and Suvidya nurtures these skills among its students.

Our Edge
  • Our trainings are focused at industry-specific skills that nurture students in various disciplines of engineering.
  • We have customized modules suiting organizational requirements.
  • Our case-based learning approach nurtures a professional approach and develops the ability to work independently.
  • We conduct seminars to motivate students to stay abreast of technological trends.
  • Our focus has been to provide opportunities to work on live projects and industrial visits to understand live projects.

Mrs. Varsha Vasant Mestry

Managing Director