Advance Pipe Stress Analysis

This Program is composed of two parts: The first part discusses the fundamentals of Advance Pipe Stress Analysis with an emphasis on piping systems.
  • Competent Trainer with more than 25+ years’ experience from Engineering Field
  • Acquire the knowledge of Advance technologies used currently.
  • Enhance the knowledge of Current engineering practices used.
Advanced pipe stress analysis involves the application of specialized techniques and software to assess the structural integrity and performance of piping systems under various operating conditions.

Advanced pipe stress analysis ensures the structural integrity, reliability, and safety of piping systems by considering various load conditions, incorporating FEA techniques, addressing thermal and dynamic effects, assessing fatigue and failure risks, and providing design recommendations and documentation.

Fresh/ Experienced - Diploma Degree in Mechanical/Chemical Engineering with Piping Knowledge.

  • Basic Stress Concept
  • Role of Stress Engineer
  • Basic Stress Strain Theories
  • Basic Engineering concepts required for stress analysis
  • Theories of failure
  • Concept of stress Range
  • Theory of load case generation
  • Code Compliance for ASME B31.3
  • Different types & functions of Pipe support
  • Design system for Sustain, Expansion & Occasional Loading
  • Nomograph
  • Pipe Rack Loading
  • Support span Calculations
  • Preparing stress Critical line list
  • Stress System formation
  • Overview of Caesar II software
  • Storage Tank-pump system modeling
  • Column-heat exchanger model
  • WRC-107 analysis
  • WRC-297 nozzle flexibility
  • PSV force calculation/ Slug force
  • Rupture disk calculation
  • Overview of Critical Systems viz. : Turbine; Pump; Column, Air Fine Cooler etc
  • Spring design & Modeling in Caesar II
  • Bellow Design & Modeling in Caesar II
  • Overview of API 610
  • Equipment Modeling
  • Pipe Rack Caesar II Model
  • Flange Leakage
  • Stress Intensification Factor
  • To apply the piping system stress analysis requirements of International Codes
  • To understand how to use piping analysis software to meet these requirements
  • To understand specific illustrations used based on the Caesar II

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What is an Advanced Pipe Stress Analysis course?
An Advanced Pipe Stress Analysis course is a specialized training program that provides in-depth knowledge and skills in conducting advanced pipe stress analysis for piping systems. The course goes beyond the basics of pipe stress analysis and covers advanced topics, techniques, and software tools used in the industry.
Who can undergo this training?
The course is suitable for engineers, designers, and professionals involved in the design, analysis, and maintenance of piping systems. It is particularly beneficial for individuals who have a foundational understanding of pipe stress analysis and wish to enhance their skills in handling complex piping systems and scenarios.
What are the benefits of taking an Advanced Pipe Stress Analysis course?
Taking an Advanced Pipe Stress Analysis course offers several benefits, including:
Enhanced understanding of complex pipe stress analysis concepts and methodologies.
Ability to analyze and solve challenging piping system problems.
Proficiency in using advanced software tools for pipe stress analysis.
Improved accuracy in predicting the behavior and performance of piping systems.
Increased confidence in designing and maintaining safe and reliable piping systems.
Expanded career opportunities in industries such as oil and gas, petrochemicals, power generation, and process engineering.
Can the skills learned in an Advanced Pipe Stress Analysis course be applied to different software tools?
Yes, the skills and principles learned in an Advanced Pipe Stress Analysis course are generally transferrable to different software tools used in the industry. The course focuses on teaching fundamental concepts and methodologies, enabling participants to apply their knowledge to various software platforms commonly used for pipe stress analysis, such as Caesar II which is covered in this course.
Are there any placement assistance services provided by SIT?
We have a dedicated Placement cell which continuously seeks for employment opportunities and arranges On-Campus as well as Off-Campus recruitment activities. The institute assists students to enter in their respective industries by providing 100% Placement assistance. The Placement Cell conducts Mock Interviews of students for their preparation for final interviews in the industry.