1. What is the admission procedure ?

You can apply in one of the following ways:
Online: The application form can be filled and submitted online through the website link on the homepage. Follow the instructions that appear while filling the form.
Walk-in: You can directly come to our premises along with your documents on any days Monday to Sunday between 8.00 am to 7.00 pm .You will be required to submit the application form, fees and all other relevant documents.

2. Why is it important to have such Industrial training programs ?
  • To make the participant deserving for future Job requirement
  • To make the participant ready to work as per global standards
  • To make innovations in Strategy and Product
  • To adopt new technologies
  • To help them manage rick that will be involved.
  • To increase job satisfaction
  • To develop soft skills, presentation skills and communication skills for efficient working.
  • To know type of companies and their relevant department for working as per own skills
  • To make the participant capable to face the interview successful
3. Organisations / Companies / Firms in which these candidates are more productive after doing these trainings.
  • All type of Engineering Consultancies (An EPC Organisations)
  • All type of Inspection and Testing Companies
  • All type of operating and Maintenance Companies
  • All type of Erection and Commissioning Companies
  • All type of Shop and Site Fabrication companies like manufacturer of Equipment, Pipe, Fittings, Valves, Special Parts, Instrument, Electrical , Air Conditioning, Fire Fighting, lifting/Transporting etc.
  • Upstream Companies like Onshore and Offshore oil fields
  • Midstream Companies like Storage terminals
  • Downstream Companies like processing plants such as refineries, Petrochemical, Chemicals, Fertilizers, Pharmaceuticals, Steel, Power, FMCG, Water Treatment etc.
  • Commercial and Housing Complex, Solar etc.
  • MEP Consultants and Construction companies

(Use google search engine to know various Names of the Company’s and consultancies)

4. In which field I can work after completion of this course ?
  • EPC Companies – Design Engineer, 3D Modeler, Checker, Procurement Engineer, Project Engineer, Mechanical Completion Engineer, Planning Engineer, Document Control Engineer, CAD Engineer, QA/QC Engineer, Marketing engineer etc.
  • Construction Companies – Workshop Supervisor, Foreman, Site Engineer, Procurement Engineer, Project Engineer, Design Engineer, CAD Engineer, Marketing Engineer etc.
  • Offshore Platform – Operating and Maintenance Engineer, Safety Engineer etc.
  • Storage Terminals – Operating and Maintenance Engineer, Safety Engineer etc.…
  • Process Plant any type – Operating and Maintenance Engineer, Safety Engineer, Procurement, Project etc.…
  • Third party Inspection Company – Inspection and Testing Engineer
  • Manufacturing Companies – Design Engineer, CAD, Procurement, Project, Inspection, Testing Engineers, Marketing Engineer etc.
5. How will SIT help the participant to make him deserving to a job after successfully completion of the training?
  • SIT will explain type of companies are available in the world related to selected field
  • SIT will identify ability of learner and will inform in which department person is more suitable and in that department if the job is not available the which other filed one can apply, such 4 to 5 different department learners skills are developed..
  • SIT will set project case studies exactly as per project and will get it done from learners which helps learner to understand actual working practices of the company.
  • SIT will take assessment exactly as per the selected field to boost confidence. Every assessment is as per Engineering Design, Procurement and Construction requirement which takes care of other department also.
  • SIT will arrange mock interview to build confidence which increases probability of getting job.
  • SIT guide to collect information from newspaper advertisement and collecting information from company job description for making learner realize that what I am learning is only as per the company requirement.
  • SIT will handle all the doubts/Queries of learners after completion of lectures.
  • SIT provide technical support life time to learners whenever it is required before every company interview
  • SIT will train Learners as per international CODE and Standards which open opportunities of giving interview in any country in similar field.
  • SIT will help in choosing right field as per the learner’s skills.
6. What should be the role and responsibility of the learner during the training program to make himself capable to grasp any Job opportunities?
  • Learner should follow all the instructions as it is as per the requirement of working.
  • Learner should set an objective to learn and apply the knowledge to get the desired job.
  • Learner should realize that their academic qualification was considered as a skill and now skill is considered as a qualification.
  • Learner can verify skills developed during training with the Job requirement of companies which will boost confidence of giving interview and working confidently.
  • Learner should realize that even after completion of training if relevant job is not available then there are many similar jobs available in the different sector, today it is very much necessary to shift gear as per the need of industry, by entering in such field one can shift slowly in their relevant field.
  • Learner should always realize that their Knowledge will never be wasted anytime if it is utilized in a well manner and with full confidence.
7. Whether the training is sufficient as per the industrial requirement since any software practice is not inclusive in the training program?

Yes, this training program is self sufficient to work in any companies and to work on related software.
Software are only design tools, more important is to have thorough knowledge of the subject that will facilitate to use any software.

8. Do you conduct any Site Visit? How many visits are conducted during the Training Program?

There will be site visit arranged once during the Training Program. Site visit will be arranged at industrial plant during working conditions.

9. How SIT support to make participants capable & independent to enhance skill & confidence to face interview in Companies?
  • SIT believes in molding skills of individual as per the current and future job requirement. Learners who are keen in their development should follow SIT instructions which are similar to Engineering Industry.
  • As per selected training program SIT makes learners to understand type of companies available globally, impart information of various departments in which one can work and also explain department working practices to make them ready to work. This develops the confidence in selecting company and its department as per the skills enhanced during Training Program.
  • In practical session actual dummy project is designed by to make learners Ready to Work in Engineering Design, Procurement, Project Management, Site Construction, Mechanical Completion, Inspection & Testing, Operating & Maintenance etc…
  • Evaluation of learner by Weekly Assessment to check working skills & MOCK interview during Training period.
  • Soft skills knowledge imparted to make learner confident to face interview or working in TEAM during project execution.
  • SIT conducts Aptitude Test and Psychometric Test to check Speed and Accuracy of working of learners.
  • Job Descriptions obtain from different companies SIT update the syllabus as per companies & ensure learner is developed exactly as per company needs.
  • After completion of training learners resumes are forwarded to companies as & when requirement arise. Some time it is immediate but some time it is taking time.
  • SIT will guide learners how to search job using various options after completion of 80% Training program so that some of the learners may search job by posting resume during Training.
10. SIT provides 100% job assistance after completion of Training Program not giving guarantee of placement, Why?
  • It’s very easy to write 100% placement for getting admissions, which is not right practice.
  • Who has to attend interview, Learner or Trainer or Training Center? Of course, its learner who need to develop skills? hence learner who takes more pain in enhancing working skills will definitely gain everything by absorbing job.
  • SIT is known globally for its educational ethics, learner who is ready to do anything for own development, SIT make him/her capable to get job by enhancing skills as per actual working.
  • Today companies recruit skill oriented, trusted professional having good academic background and learner required to match the requirement and need to respect the same.
11.What will a participant do after completion of Training?
  • During Training learner will learn about industry, skill required for the position applied in the form of Job Description available on company website and technically develop him/her self accordingly. He/ She will be completely make himself/herself very clear & confident about skill required to face interview & to work confidently & efficiently in Company. During training, concept/doubts if any will be cleared from trainer at the same time by asking questions or further explanation required on subject.
  • During training program take advertisement cutout from various national and international newspapers and also from job Portals.
  • There are many manpower providers in Mumbai and various other cities, visit them and try to understand the job requirement. Recruitment firms will not take resumes, but this will help to understand need and to enhance skills as per actual working.
  • As a fresher trained Engineer try & accept jobs as follows:
    • Operating and Maintenance in any type of Offshore, Storage Terminals, Refinery and all types of chemical processing plants. Such job requirements are all over India and in Abroad. Advantage of doing such job is, after few years experience one can take plant operating and maintenance contract.
    • Site Construction of any type of processing Plant. Experience of execution/ construction activities one might develop confidence to start own fabrication shop or can start getting construction contracts.
    • Inspection and Testing in Third Party Inspection Companies
    • Procurement (purchase department), Tendering activities mainly in Engineering and construction companies
    • Planning and Project Management mainly in Engineering and Construction Companies
    • Document Checker or CAD Engineer/Designer or 3D Engineer/Designer
    • Engineering Plant Design or Materials or Analysis.
12. Which types of companies one can approach after Completion of Training Program?
  • All type of Engineering Consultancies
  • All type of Inspection and Testing Companies
  • All type of operating and Maintenance Companies
  • All type of Erection and Commissioning Companies
  • All type of Shop and Site Fabrication companies like manufacturer of Equipment, Ship Building, Pipe, Fittings, Valves, Special Parts, Instrument, Electrical , Air Conditioning, Fire Fighting, lifting/Transporting, Inspection/Testing etc.
  • Upstream Companies like Onshore and Offshore oil fields
  • Midstream Companies like Storage terminals
  • Downstream Companies like Refineries, Petrochemical, Chemical, Specialty Chemicals, Fertilisers, Paint, Steel, Cement, Power, Pharmaceuticals, Cold Storage, FMCG, ETP, WTP etc….
  • Commercial and Housing Complex, Solar etc…
13. Why Industry need an employee ?
  • Concept development
  • Basic or FEED Engineering
  • Detailed Engineering
  • 3D Modelling
  • Procurement
  • Shop Fabrication
  • Site Fabrication
  • Logistic
  • Installation
  • Pre commissioning & Commissioning (Mech. Completion)
  • Operating of Plant
  • Maintenance of Plant
  • Marketing products
  • After sale service
14. What is Company/Employer requirement? (chart has taken from internet just for reference and not as a SIT property)

15. What support can I get for placements after successful completion of the training.

We assist all our students for placements by providing opportunities , sending regular updates on mails and messages on the current job market and trends, Opportunities available. Also during the training we help them improving their soft skills , guiding them on resume building and conducting mock interviews.

16. Why does SIT provide only job assistance and no guarantee?

Getting job solely depends on the performance during the Training Program and the interview. Students thorough with subject knowledge should definitely crack the interview, as industry is in need of skilled manpower.

17. What are the packages normally offered to the fresher in designing field?

As a fresher, one should first aim to get the opportunity to work in the field and get exposure of the practical knowledge of subject that will not only obtain experience but also shall help in building confidence. Once confident and with sufficient experience, one can definitely demand for good packages.

18. Which renowned organizations come to SIT for campus?

Almost all engineering companies in the Oil, Gas and Power, Petrochemical, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Water and Solar in India and abroad, We have all types of MNC’S, Consultancies who visit SIT campus for interviews.

19. Will the past experience in different field altogether, be of any help in future?

You can definitely take risk of changing your field but one should be absolutely clear about his/ her path forward. After completing the training one should be ready to work with small consultants and compromise on salary packages.

20. Why only assistance of job? Why no guarantee?

Practically no one can give job guarantee because it is student who face the interview and if students are through in the knowledge or if he/she studied properly then cracking interview is very easy and Companies are definitely looking for skilled manpower